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Forest trail


There are countless forest trails in Soča valley, no wonder we had to dedicate one room to them. To remind you of a feeling of how exciting it is to set foot on an unknown route. How pleasant it is to step on a soft ground full of leaves, moss, and fern. Maybe, while you hike, you discover a secret path or the one, we have all forgotten about. Now that is a true adventure.

As you return from all your exploring, a lovely room is waiting for you. This one is for sociable people – the more the merrier. You can just put your things in the locker or beside your bed and go to sleep … or you might want to chat a bit as there is so much to learn from other people’s stories – especially if they took the road less traveled.

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The roof window seems to be the center of this room. It is kindly shedding the morning light and giving you a nice glimpse of the surroundings. It was only appropriate to put a little table beneath it, so you can use it according to your wishes. As the sun sets down there are a few options for how to spend the evening in our hostel. You can chill in the garden, chat in the hallway, keep yourself busy in the common area … Or you can retire to your private room and enjoy some good company around the table while playing board games or telling your friends about the adventurous day. The room is a »go-to« for families when Soča valley hits the high season. It is prepared to accommodate up to 4 people. Still, each one of you can get your own little space and thus not feel crowded. Between the shelves and the hanger, you can neatly store your belongings.
In case you need even more space, two chairs and the table can be removed to the common area and if there is anything bigger you would like to keep safe, contact our staff. This room comes with a private bathroom.

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On the top of our ‘fort’, there is the most popular room. Private, for 2 people only, so you can feel like being all alone in the Alpine paradise. 😊 If by any chance you can not fall asleep – even after a full day of outdoor action and depsite comfortable beds – you can just sit under the roof window and observe the night sky above the majestic Log rock face. Use the quiet time and the cool night air to make a few plans for your journey or read a book by the little lamp.

Besides the soft bench and a bean bag this room also has a place to hang your jackets and hats. Top all that with a private bathroom and you will feel like a king of the hill!



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When we first stepped into this room, we were surprised by the sense of tranquility that we have felt. We blame it all on the antique wooden table, sitting here for decades. We could not help ourselves but wonder how many letters were written at this desk, how many people were sitting here throughout the time, contemplating or reading long into the night … There was no doubt we had to keep this piece of history and incorporate it in the room. Heavy drapes and a velvet lamp that casts golden light all around help to create a unique atmosphere that suits a special kind of people. To those whom hikes and trails give but an excuse for thinking. And to those who get a new perspective on life after each day of an extreme sport or harsh environment.
Some say that peacefulness and adventure do not go together. But here, in the heart of the Julian Alps, we can prove them wrong. They do blend perfectly.

The Den has:
– a window with a view of Log rock face, the 2nd biggest in Slovenia
– incorporates a small private bathroom with a toilet and a hair dryer
– a writing table with drawers for longer contemplative stays
– a wardrobe for your perfectly ironed shirts

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This is what you call a room with a view! Just look at that! We can hardly comprehend how lucky we are to see this beauty every day. Not just mountain peaks, but also the glades, the waterfalls, the countryside … and meadows! Log village is surrounded by meadows. One of the greatest sights is in early June, when everything blossoms and the tall grass weaves in the light breeze ever so slightly.
Enough said. Come and see for yourself! On the room floor, there is a marked spot. Step on it and you will be able to see two sides of the world – East and West. Sunrise and sunset, from the same spot. Probably this is how it feels like to be at the right place at the right time.

This big and comfortable room has all the features for a pleasant stay.

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